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JULY 15, 2019

Goldbelt, Inc. Announces 2019 Election Results

Juneau, Alaska — The 45th Annual Meeting of Shareholders of Goldbelt, Inc. was held Saturday, July 13, 2019. Goldbelt’s shareholders voted to establish the Goldbelt Tináa Distributions Trust with an 85% approval rating and elected three directors, each to a three-year term. Nine shareholders ran as candidates for the three open board seats.

Two new directors, William Andrews and Todd Antioquia, were elected, replacing the seats previously held by Trudy Skan and Derek Duncan. Director Lisa-Marie Ikonomov was re-elected. All three elected directors were sworn in at the Annual Meeting.

Continuing board members include Katherine Eldemar, Andrea Cadiente-Laiti, and Leilani Wilson Walkush. Director Benjamin Coronell continues as Chairman of the Board; Lori Grant, Vice Chairwoman; Richard Beasley, Treasurer; and Lisa-Maire Ikonomov, Corporate Secretary.

“Goldbelt is extremely proud of its Goldbelt Tram, which is the second most visited tourist attraction in Juneau,” stated Chairman Coronell. "The Board’s long-term strategy includes further business development in Alaska. Goldbelt remains dedicated to the economic wellbeing of its shareholders, community, and state.”

Headquartered in Juneau, Alaska, Goldbelt, Inc. has more than 3,800 shareholders and was established in 1974 under the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. Goldbelt, Inc. is the largest private land owner in the City and Borough of Juneau and the Petersburg Borough.

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July 16, 2018

Goldbelt Announces 2018 Board of Directors Election Results

Juneau, Alaska— At the 44th Annual Meeting of Shareholders in Juneau on July 14, 2018, three directors were elected to the Board. There were 10 shareholders running as candidates for the open board seats.

Incumbent Directors Benjamin Coronell, Richard Beasley, and Katherine Eldemar were all re-elected to three-year terms and were sworn in at the Annual Meeting.

Vote Count for 44th Annual Meeting:

  • 91,860.9          Benjamin Coronell                             
  • 90,428.4          Katherine Eldemar                             
  • 87,742.4          Richard Beasley                     
  • 54,452             Steven Scott McClure
  • 52,362.9          Todd Antioquia
  • 47,785             William (Chilton) Andrews
  • 24,858.9          Tina Cloyd
  • 24,415.9          Raymond E. Austin
  • 4,963.9            Frank L. Jimmy Sr.
  • Withdrew        Darlene McKinley

The 44th Annual Meeting of Shareholders had the one of the largest number of votes cast and highest percent of turnout in recent history. A quorum for the meeting was reached with 70.4-percent of votes cast for a total of 554,903.

After the Annual Meeting concluded, the Board of Directors held a reorganization meeting to elect new officers. Benjamin Coronell will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board and Katherine Eldemar will continue to serve as Vice Chair. Richard Beasley was re-elected as Treasurer and Lisa-Marie Ikonomov was re-elected as Corporate Secretary.

Other continuing Board members include Derek Duncan, Trudy Skan, Andrea Cadiente-Laiti, Lori Grant, and Leilani Wilson Walkush.

Headquartered in Juneau, Goldbelt, Inc. has more than 3,700 shareholders and was established under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act in 1974.

Goldbelt, Inc has been receiving questions regarding its interest in the lands at Indian Point. Goldbelt’s CEO has responded to recent inquiries with the following letter to Mayor Ken Koelsch restating Goldbelt's land policies and interests.

Webcast Winners:
$50 Cash - Margaret McNeil, Anchorage, AK
$100 Cash - Dorothy Louise Williams, Battle Creek, MI
Native Food Box - Florence Watts, Anaheim, CA
Native Food Box - Julie Williams, Juneau, AK
Box of Salmon & Halibut Fillets - Janice Brown, Buckeye, AZ


Early Bird Winners:

Case of Smoked Salmon
Erick Karlson III - Juneau, AK
Josephine Purcell - Ketchikan, AK

$100 Cash
Norman Bell - Juneau, AK
Dustin Rhodes - Kenai, AK
Darlene Smallwood - Anchorage, AK
Rima Lake – Jacksonville, NC
Joann Morrison – East Wenatchee, WA
Barbara Duncan - Juneau, AK
Ardelle Hendrickson – Longview, WA
Tristan Weissmuller - Juneau, AK
Rebecca Pounds – Garden Grove, CA
May Bennett - Hoonah, AK

$250 Cash
Da Mehner - Fairbanks, AK
Michelle Bell - Juneau, AK
Carrie Gloria – San Diego, CA
Marilyn Bremner - Anchorage, AK
Raymond Wilson Jr. - Juneau, AK
Jacob Goenett – Haines, AK
Kenneth Goldbach – Los Angeles, CA
Kathleen Church - Juneau, AK
Jessica Clarke – El Paso, TX
Laloni Clark – Fremont, CA

$500 Cash
Cameron Kookesh - Anchorage, AK
Mary Holland – Delta Junction, AK

$1,000 Cash
Lillian Arnett - Anchorage, AK
Andrea Ebona-Michel - Douglas, AK

$1,500 Cash
Evangeline Maraman – Orlando, FL
Frances Goenett – Everett, WA

$2,000 Cash
Raelene Kadlec – Ocean Shores, WA

For Immediate Release

June 05, 2017

Goldbelt, Incorporated—Announces 2017 Board of Directors Election Results and New Officers

Juneau, Alaska— Goldbelt, Inc. held its 43rd Annual Meeting of Shareholders on June 3, 2017, at Centennial Hall in Juneau.  The three directors up for election were Joseph E. Kahklen, Randy Wanamaker, and Andrea Cadiente-Laiti.  This year, eight shareholders ran as candidates for the open board seats. 

Two new members to the board of directors, Lori Grant and Leilani Wilson Walkush, will replace the board seats held by Joseph E. Kahklen and Randy Wanamaker. Andrea Cadienete-Laiti was re-elected to the board. The newly elected board members were sworn in at the annual meeting and will serve a three-year term. 

The board of directors immediately convened after the meeting and held a reorganization meeting to elect new officers.  Ben Coronell was elected Board Chair while Katherine Eldemar was elected Vice Chair. Richard A. Beasley was elected Treasurer and Lisa-Marie Ikonomov was elected Secretary. Other board members include Andrea Cadiente-Laiti, Derek Duncan, Leilani Wilson Walkush, Lori Grant, and Trudy Skan.

“I am very humbled that my fellow board members have selected me as the next Chairman of the Board,” said Ben Coronell. “With the uncertainty of federal, state, and local budgets and the declining economy – Goldbelt continues to grow. Currently, Alaska Business Monthly ranked Goldbelt at number 15 on the Top 49’ers list. I predict we will continue to climb higher. The political and business landscape is changing. Most of Goldbelt’s revenue comes from government contracts, but we are exploring new business opportunities. Goldbelt continues to support and develop employment, training, and educational opportunities for shareholders and their descendants. It will be an exciting year!”

Goldbelt. Inc. recognizes and thanks, former Directors for their service to the company. Randy Wanamaker served 24 years on the board and Joseph Kahklen served 35 years on the board. Kahklen was one of the original signatures to incorporate Goldbelt in 1972 under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act and was the first Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Headquartered in Juneau, Goldbelt, Inc. has more than 3,700 shareholders and was established under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. 

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