Testamentary Disposition

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last will & testament document photo with reading glasses on itGoldbelt encourages all shareholders over the age of 18 to have a Testamentary Disposition on file. A properly completed and notarized Testamentary Disposition will act as a last will and testament for a shareholder's Goldbelt, Incorporated stock.

It is highly recommended that all Goldbelt Shareholders properly complete a Testamentary Disposition. Without a Testamentary Disposition on file, Goldbelt, Inc. shares will follow Alaska Intestate Succession law and they may not go to the beneficiaries shareholders would choose.


  • Shareholders may leave their shares to whomever they choose; however, it is recommended to leave them to an Alaskan Native because in order to continue the share's voting status.
  • Shares can only be distributed in whole numbers.
  • Only a Goldbelt shareholder can complete a Testamentary Disposition. A Power of Attorney cannot complete a Testamentary Disposition.
  •  A minor Shareholder cannot complete a Testamentary Disposition.
  • Goldbelt will only accept Testamentary Dispositions that have been properly completed, signed, dated, and notarized.
  • In most cases, Goldbelt will also accept a shareholder’s Last Will and Testament if it specifically states who will receive his/her Goldbelt, Inc. shares; however, each Last Will and Testament will be reviewed on a case‐by‐case basis by the Corporate Registrar.elt, will be returned to the shareholder.

How to complete a Testamentary Disposition:

  • Properly complete the Testamentary Disposition and submit to Shareholder Services.
    • ​​PART A
      • Part A designates who will inherit the shareholder's shares upon his/her passing and in what proportions
        • The Shareholder must list the beneficiaries' full legal name and relationship to shareholder
        • If the beneficiaries' full address is unavailable, the current city and state of residence is acceptable
        • Portion of shares being distributed to each beneficiary must be a whole number
    • PART B
      • Part B (1) specifies how any additionally acquired shares (through gifting or inheritance) will be distributed between the beneficiaries listed in Part A.
      • Part B (2) specifies whether or not children, born or legally adopted after the submission of this Testamentary Disposition, will be included in ones will of shares.
      • Part B (3) determines how ones shares will be distributed if any of the beneficiaries in Part A were to pass away before the execution of this Testamentary Disposition.
  • Return the original (white copy) to Shareholder Services completed and notarized; the pink copy is for the shareholder’s personal record and if sent to Goldbelt, will be returned to the shareholder.

Testamentary Disposition Brochure