Relatives of Deceased

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photo of last will & testament with a pair of reading glasses laying on itIf a Goldbelt shareholder passes away without a valid Testamentary Disposition or Last Will and Testament on file, his/her relatives must complete a Relatives of Deceased (ROD) form to determine who will inherit his/her Goldbelt shares via Alaska Intestate Law .

  • Only the relatives (biological or legally adopted) of the deceased shareholder can complete the ROD; although, it is highly recommended that direct beneficiaries of the deceased shareholder complete the ROD.
  • On a case‐by‐case basis where no decedents can be located, Goldbelt may allow friends or a legal representative of the deceased shareholder to complete the ROD.
  • The Relatives of Deceased must be completed as thoroughly and accurately as possible; failure to disclose accurate family members and relatives may cause estate transfer to become null and void.
  • The ROD is a legal document that must be signed and notarized by a Notary Public prior to acceptance from Goldbelt. Forms that are not properly notarized will be returned.
  • Once the ROD has been validated, Goldbelt will create an Affidavit of Entitlement to be mailed to the beneficiaries; it must be returned with the other necessary documents to complete enrollment.