Lost Shareholders

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Lost?Goldbelt is dedicated to keeping in touch with our shareholders and making sure they receive timely distributions and communications. The Shareholder Services department makes every reasonable effort to locate lost shareholders but unfortunately, if we are unable to locate a shareholder to;update their contact information they will be placed on the Lost Shareholder list.

Shareholders on the Lost Shareholder list will be placed on dividend and mail hold until they update their contact information with Goldbelt. You can help us find lost shareholders. If you have current contact information for any lost shareholders please notify Shareholder Services. You may contact us directly at (907) 790‐4990 or via email at shareholder@goldbelt.com.

As of April 8, 2015, the following list is Goldbelt shareholders who we are seeking information.

Lost Shareholder List

Gregory Paul Abbott
Thomas Morris Austin
Joseph Pay Bautista
Ralph Martin Beierly Sr
Amelia Christina Cameron
Richard Scott Carle
Stephanie Jean Chavira
Keet Tryon Edwards
Christopher Roy Flygare
Jenny Lynn Flygare
Ronald Jerry Fulgencio
Calista Gallant Haley
Gallant Michael William Garrison
Cory Dell Hansen
John Joseph Holland
Calindria Trista Jarvis
Arthur Roy Johnson
Maxwell T Johnson
Cedric W Jones
Lawrence W Magorty
Sharon Lee Maraffio
Arnold Serguis McLean
Timothy David Morgan
Eric Stephen Morisky
George Paul Moy
Thomas M. Nolcini Jr
Julia Oliva
John David Perrin
Evans Michael Peterson
LaVern Kay Peterson
Canyon Michael Purcell
Loren Gene Randall
Cynthia Lynn Russell
Veronica Alice Shortcakes
Alper Johnson Stovall
Gene Edwin Tagaban
Stephen Mark Trompeter
Jason Calvert Vincent