Lost Check

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If a check issued to a shareholder is lost or stolen, the shareholder can submit a Lost Check Indemnity Agreement to stop payment and have a new check reissued.


  • Shareholder checks are valid for 60 days before they become void and must be reissued.
  • The earliest a stop payment will be issued on a check is 30 days after the issue date.
  • Proxy Voting Incentive checks will only be reissued for one year; however, shareholder dividend distribution checks can be reissued for an indefinite period of time. Proxy payments that are not claimed within that time are forfeited to the corporation.
  • It takes approximately 5‐10 business days for a check to be processed and reissued.
  • Goldbelt must pay a fee for every stop payment and reissued check. Therefore, the corporation will reissue a dividend or incentive check once per payment at no charge to the shareholder. Subsequent reissuances of the same payment will incur a $25.00 fee per charge.
  • Lost Check Indemnity Agreements must be completed, signed, dated, and notarized before submission.
  • Goldbelt will not accept Lost Check Indemnity Agreements that are incomplete, from relatives of the shareholder, or submissions via phone.
  • Power of Attorney, legal guardian and custodian of a minor may authorize a Lost Check Indemnity Agreement via the same methods stated above.

Shareholders are encouraged to sign‐up for Direct Deposit in order to ensure all monies are received.