Enrollment Packet - Adult

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Those who are not currently enrolled in Goldbelt and have been notified that they are to receive shares via gifting or inheritance, are required to complete an Enrollment Packet and supply required supporting documentation before any shares can be transferred to them by the Corporate Registrar. The packet includes:

Enrollment Packet - Adult
Part A: Shareholder Information
You must include a copy of your birth certificate and, if applicable, proof of Alaska Native blood quantum for transfer to be processed.

Part B: Direct Deposit
Please attach a Voided Check or Deposit Slip, if possible, to verify your account information. You mayalso submit a letter from your bank that includes your account number, the bank’s routing number, and type of account (checking or savings).

Part C: Shareholder ID
You must include a photo to receive a shareholder ID. Pictures can be sent via mail, email, or taken at the corporate office. The headshot must be recent (taken within the past three years), clear, and forward‐facing.

Part D: Ancestral Trust Eligibility
Please complete the family tree to the best of your abilities. This section is used to determine if you are an eligible beneficiary of the Goldbelt Ancestral Trust. Additional documentation, including birth certificates for proof of relationship, may be necessary to establish eligibility.

Part E: Descendant Registration
This section is used to register your descendants to be eligible for scholarships, internships, and employment preference.
Once enrollment is completed and information verified, the Corporate Registrar will complete the transfer and issue a Stock Certificate.