Direct Deposit

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Shareholders are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit so Goldbelt can deposit their dividends and proxy incentives directly into their bank accounts. Shareholders may sign up for direct deposit by completing a Direct Deposit Form and submitting a voided check stub or by having their bank or financial institution fax their account information directly to Goldbelt at (907) 790‐4999.

Benefits of Direct Deposit include:

  • FAST – your money is deposited on the same day of payment.
  • CONVENIENT – it’s the easiest way to receive your dividends and proxy incentives.
  • SECURE – a guarantee your check is not lost or stolen.
  • EFFICIENT – No need to travel to the bank.


  • Only a shareholder, power of attorney, or custodian of a minor, may authorize or cancel a direct deposit account to their Goldbelt shareholder record.
  • Goldbelt will accept a Direct Deposit form, a bank account information form, or a written request to authorize direct deposit; requests via phone will not be accepted.
  • Written requests or verification letters from your financial institution must include your full account number, routing number, and type of account (i.e. checking or savings).
  • To cancel a direct deposit account, Goldbelt will only accept a written request; requests made via phone cannot be accepted.

Direct Deposit Brochure