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A Goldbelt internship pays a great wage, is designed for interns to gain valuable work experience, and if continuing on in an educational program, interns can receive an additional scholarship of up to $500. We hope that you will consider an internship with Goldbelt’s Career Development Program!

Our career development program is unique. It provides hands-on learning by allowing each intern to complete a project specific to the business area of their internship.  Also, most interns will participate in workshops that will provide information and training that can assist with their career after they complete their education.  Each intern will also receive mentorship from a Goldbelt employee.

All internships are paid at a starting range of $16+ an hour for up to 40 hours per week and a length of 12 weeks, though some may be available for longer lengths depending on the type of internship.  Goldbelt has internships available in Juneau, Alaska and at its Lower 48 subsidiaries.  Interns who choose to work in the Lower 48 will also receive a housing and travel stipend. Shareholders or descendants who are currently enrolled in an educational program or who have graduated within the past six months are eligible to apply.

Following is a list of internship opportunities currently available for this summer (click on the internship title to download the intern job description):


Herndon, Virginia

Accounting—Assist with the administration of the day-to-day operations of the Goldbelt Government Services Group’s Accounting Department. This is a great opportunity to learn about business accounting, and this position will help prepare the intern for an entry level position with any professional company.

Human Resources—Assist with activities in the Human Resources department. The intern will work on a variety of projects that will provide insight into the general HR functions and administration.


Alexandria, Virginia

Business Development (Goldbelt Glacier Health Services)—Work with program managers one-on-one to to develop a keen awareness of business strategy, corporate expertise, experience, and past performance as it pertains to GHS.

Business Operations (Goldbelt Wolf)—Assist with the administration of day-to-day business operations. Participate in multiple projects that will allow the intern to gain insight into the overall operations and daily functions of a growing government contracting entity.

Healthcare Leadership (Goldbelt Frontier)—Work in closely with government contracting professionals.  Participate in business development, strategy development, proposal development, and assist the team to with identifying opportunities to develop, win, capture plans, and manage pipeline.

Information Technology (Goldbelt Hawk)—Gain hands on experience monitoring network servers and physical network infrastructure by assisting IT personnel. This internship will provide an opportunity to explore the field of information technology.


Chesapeake, Virginia

Business Development (Goldbelt Hawk)—Receive exposure to a combination of business development opportunities that includes market analysis, bids, RFP solicitations, and proposals. The internship will provide an opportunity to explore the field of business development in government contracting.


Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

Construction Services (Facility Support Services)—Support the Project Manager with the tracking of submittals for materials, development of requests for information, post/track efforts on “as built” drawings, and taking notes at routine project meetings with construction team and client.


Juneau, Alaska—Corporate Office

Accounting—Work with the Accounting Department to learn the process of invoicing vendors as well as paying vendors, assist with general ledger reconciliations, and assist in preparation of monthly financial reports.

Alaska Operations—Work with the Vice President of Alaska Operations to design and plan for future business efforts, understand current events, and help provide corporate insight into trends that will affect business growth.

Human Resources—Work with the staff of the Human Resources department on various projects including assisting with reviewing and processing new higher paperwork, develop new human resource files as needed, preparing new hire and employee separation forms packets.

Information Technology—Gain hands on experience in monitoring network, server, and physical network infrastructure while also assisting the Director of Information Technology with providing routine maintenance, troubleshooting, and providing help desk support as needed.

Marketing & Communication—Work with the Director of Marketing & Communications on the development, construction, and design of a new shareholder welcome packet, research/write articles, write press releases, and help with event planning.

Seadrome Marina—Support the Seadrome Manager with daily moorings, registrations of vessels, payment of fees, sales of tramway tickets, scheduling of private vessels, and monitoring harbor activity. This internship will provide the opportunity to explore the field of the tourism industry, specifically the workings and management of the small cruise ship and private yacht market.

Shareholder Services—Work with the Director of Shareholder Services with coordination of data population to a new shareholder system, assisting with special projects, and shareholder events as needed. The intern will also learn about other areas of Shareholder Services including data management and shareholder/public relations.


Juneau, Alaska—Goldbelt Security Services

Security—Learn and assist with the administration of the day-to-day operations of the security organization. This internship will prepare the intern for an entry level position with any professional company.


Juneau, Alaska—Goldbelt Heritage Foundation

Tlingit Culture & Language—Work with elders, cultural specialists and education project leaders on language preservation projects. In addition, the intern will assist with language projects in youth camp settings throughout the summer.


Duration, Compensation, and Benefits

Interns are expected to work full-time (40 hours per week) for twelve (12) weeks during the summer months. 

A competitive intern wage is offered, along with a possible housing stipend and transportation to/from college and place of internship.  Graduate students may be offered higher hourly earnings depending on field of study and experience.


Eligibility Criteria

Those who may apply:

  1. Voting Goldbelt shareholders and their lineal descendants are eligible to apply to the intern program.
  2. Applicants must be enrolled full-time in a degree or vocational training program;
  3. Must have at a minimum a 2.0 GPA.


Contact Information & Application Submittal

For more information or to see what other job opportunities may be available, visit the Goldbelt website at